We guarantee long term partnerships with our clients, valuing efficiency and personalised end to end ISO certified transactions.
Approved supplier of part-time, weekday and weekend nurses and carers, with comprehensive on-site training facilities.
We serve Surrey, Sussex and London and are constantly expanding to fill new areas to meet demand.

Client For Clients

SmartHeart Professionals offers a pool of highly and experienced healthcare professionals who are ready for deployment at immediate notice, whenever and wherever you need them. All SmartHeart Nurses and Healthcare Assistants are subject to intensive screening prior to being welcomed into our community. This ensures that clients receive the highest standards of service they expect and deserve, delivered at affordable rates that fit within their budget requirements.

Healthcare For Healthcare Professionals

We value your experience when deploying you to the fields of your expertise in the location of your convenience. Our team collaborates with the most trusted UK healthcare partners in the industry to provide you with the excellent pay rates and holistic work experience you need. And you can register in less than 10 minutes!

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At SmartHeart Professionals‚ we want to help hospitals provide “round–the–clock” healthcare to patients and give nurses the best opportunities to maximise their skills and experience.

What Our Customers Say About Us!

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Written Testimonies

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Samson S.

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be part of the SmartHeart Team.
You guys have been amazing. May God continue blessing you. Samson S.

Andrew Staff, agency nurse

Best agency I have ever worked for. Keep up the good work.

Arleen agency staff, SmartHeart Professionals

Agency with a heart. Very good support from the team.

Maria Home Manager, The College of St Barnabas

Thank you for providing us competent and efficient staff.

Rodalyn Home Manager, Birdscroft Nursing Home

We are very pleased to have SmartHeart Professionals as our main supplier for Temp Nursing. Thank you for your great help.

Janelle Pacis Former Operations Specialist for SmartHeart

Very thankful for SmartHeart Professionals Team for encouraging me to achieve my future goals and helping me grow as an individual. I have really enjoyed my time at SmartHeart and words can’t describe how grateful I am to have been part of this family.

Alma Carer, Agency

Grateful for SmartHeart Pro support and professionalism. It’s one of the Best Agencies in the UK. Very proud to be a part of this team.

Maria O. Care Home Manager, Chaldon

The Nurses and HCAs they provide us are all competent, compassionate and very professional.

Latest News from SmartHeart Pro

SmartHeart Professionals- Brand New Training and Recruitment Facility to cater for our growing Applicants and Clients

Our training and recruitment facility provides our promise of providing quality,interactive learning and commitment to our Clients and Staff  in everything we do. Training and recruitment is facilitated with highly qualified staff that are equipped with extensive knowledge and skills in the healthcare industry. Come and Join us today….  

REC Shortlist for ‘Best in Emerging Employer’

We are so proud to have been shortlisted by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation for 2017 Best in Emerging Employer. SmartHeart Pro Team enjoyed the unexpected recognition for joining one entry only. The management are congratulating everyone for their efforts and hardwork and keeping SmartHeart Professionals the standard that we deserve.

Upgrade to phone lines

Automated phone system goes live helping direct calls more efficiently during office hours and providing a better customer service experience. If you have any feedback or comments about the new system please email us, we always listen to our customers and try to exceed expectations wherever possible.