1. How do I register?

You may register online by clicking here. We have already posted the required documents we need from our applicants here to give them enough time to prepare. Please follow the instructions so we can process your requirements quickly and give you your assignment as soon as possible.

2. What can I expect if I work with you?

We operate nationally in London and provide services to all hospitals and healthcare facilities. Your work will be based on the demand of the client. You can check the current vacancies here. Assignments vary from short term to long–term vacancy cover shifts. Our team monitors request real time to make sure you get the best assignments aligned to your skill sets.

3. How will I know what I should get paid?

Rates vary depending on the client and the nature of assignment. We post and update the rates regularly on this page‚ click here. One member from our team will also get in touch with you to brief you on your assignment‚ rates will be part of this discussion.

4. What will I do if I do not have the complete training requirements?

We are strict with the compliance for trainings to ensure our clients that we deploy competent healthcare professionals. If your trainings are incomplete‚ we can help you complete them. Just ask for our help by indicating so on the application form.

5. What separates you from other agencies?

We have a very people–centric approach when we transact in both ends of our service. We take care of both our clients and nurses to ensure that they maximize their experience with us.

  • 24/7 business operation
  • Referral fee
  • Free DBS once completed 10 shifts
  • Rates are flexible and negotiable
  • Profile of nurses and healthcare professionals available on request
  • Request for call back available
  • Training assistance to those who have not completed training requirements

In addition we offer nurses free mandatory CPD and PREP study opportunities to enable them to keep up todate with the latest best practice(see guidelines).

6. Do you provide transportation going to respective assignments?

Yes‚ transport is often available through our fleet of transport vehicles. Transport is chargeable but is subsidised and may not be available for every journey.

7. Will I still be able to work with other agencies if I register with you?

Of course! We created this site to help you find jobs‚ not limit you.