Who We Are


SmartHeart Professionals Ltd. is a nurse–led healthcare agency that provides flexible temporary and permanent staffing solutions to hospitals‚ nursing homes‚ private residences or any site that urgently requires the services of top–quality nurses and other healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves on an unmatched customer experience that values both the professionals we work with as much as the organisations we partner with.

Based in south–east England‚ we were established in 2015 with the sole aim of providing the highest and fastest levels of service to all our clients. Since our inception‚ we have experienced rapid growth thanks to our robust recruitment processes and superior levels of service; we only provide top–quality healthcare professionals to the clients who need them most which is how we have become the most trusted healthcare agency partner for many of the UK’s leading healthcare providers.

We are certified and audited yearly by the  British Assessment Bureau for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015‚ are an active member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). We have been finalised for 2 consecutive years by the Recruiter awards in the UK for The Best Emerging Employer of the Year ‘in 2017 and the “Most Inspiring Director” in 2018 . Furthermore‚ we are an active supporter of The Care Worker Charity – an organisation that continues to recognise the full value offered by healthcare professionals throughout their career and beyond.

Our ethos relies on the quality of our healthcare professionals and we recognise their contributions to the wider industry. This is reflected in their high standards of professionalism across all roles and allows us to confidently stand by the quality of our own business‚ crafting enduring and valuable partnerships that benefit both healthcare professionals and organisations alike.

Our Clients and Staff


To set the highest standard in excellent staffing solutions and quality healthcare.


To provide the most consistent‚ reliable‚ efficient and immediate staffing solutions and competitive rates to our clients and healthcare industry partners.


Our company provides its clients a premier experience with its best quality service‚ excellent and insurmountable health care. It embodies a powerful promise to go beyond just “caring” through serving our clients in a heartbeat. Our values are the heart of our company.


To our healthcare professionals:

  • We guarantee fast deployment system for our allied healthcare partners;
  • We deploy our healthcare partners to the best industries that will give them ample and relevant experiences;
  • We value our manpower’s convenience and position them to the partner industry and department of their preference; and
  • We go the extra mile in ensuring to deliver our commitment of serving our clients in a heartbeat.

To our healthcare industry partners:

  • Our rates are some of the best in the UK‚ call us to find out more.
  • We guarantee fast staffing solutions to our healthcare industry partners;
  • We supply the best healthcare practitioners in the field and make sure to deploy top–notch‚ well–rounded and fully trained professionals;
  • We implement an intensive screening process for our healthcare partners to guarantee credibility in providing the best quality care service; and
  • We ensure that our partner healthcare providers live our promise to go beyond just “caring”