Quality Assurance

SmartHeart Professionals Ltd meets all the relevant quality and care standard in the recruitment‚ management and assignment of

  • Staff to our clients‚ private and the National service providers
  • Our compliance are enforced by maintaining the Standards from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation
  • All candidates are fully vetted and compliance checked
  • A dedicated Recruitment Consultant for booking‚ compliance and staff assignment
  • 24/7‚ 365 support services
  • Certified and audited by the British Assessment Bureau for quality management ISO 9001–2015
  • Recently been shortlisted by the Recruiter “Best in Emerging Employer” for 2017
  • Our Team are not only highly qualified Senior Practitioners/Nurses but they are also a qualified Recruitment Practitioner to ensure a robust recruitment for all your processes
  • SmartHeart Professionals embodies a powerful promise to go beyond just “caring” through serving our clients in a heartbeat. Our values are at the heart of our company. We don’t just value our business but we value YOU.

Quality Assurance document QMS (ISO 9001-2015) is available upon request.

Please email [email protected]