Quality Assurance

SmartHeart Professionals Ltd. meet and exceed all the relevant quality and care standards in the recruitment‚ management and assignment of Temporary Resources to our clients‚ private sectors and to national service providers.

  • Compliance is enforced by maintaining the Standards from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation.
  • We work to CQC standards and NHS Guidelines.
  • All candidates are fully vetted and compliance checked using state of the art electronic identity, fraud and background checks.
  • Dedicated Recruitment Consultant for booking‚ compliance and staff assignments
  • 24/7‚ 365 support services
  • Certified and audited by the British Assessment Bureau for quality management ISO 9001–2015
  • Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Reference Number ZA306661
  • Shortlisted by the Recruiter ‘Best in Emerging Employer’ for 2017 and ‘Best Manager/Director’ in 2018
  • Our bookings processes are all secured and auditable, allowing the entire bookings and fulfilment process to be traced from start to finish.
  • Temporary Resource profiles are available for every new resource placed to ensure compliance with our clients standards.
  • Our Team are not only highly qualified Senior Practitioners/Nurses but they are also qualified Recruitment Practitioners to ensure robust recruitment for all your processes.
  • SmartHeart Professionals embodies a powerful promise to go beyond just “caring” through serving our clients in a heartbeat. Our values are at the heart of our company. We don’t just value our business but we value YOU

Quality Assurance document QMS (ISO 9001-2015) is available upon request.

Please email [email protected]