SmartHeart Professionals work as closely with candidates as we do withhealthcare organisations; we are only as good as the last healthcare professional we placed so we do our utmost to provide our candidates with a personalised service that ensures we match each individual to a role that suits their expertise in a location that fits their schedule.

When you choose to work with SmartHeart Professionals‚ you are choosing to work with a team of dedicated recruiters who have a deep understanding of the industry‚ and of those who work within it. We focus on candidate wellbeing and have embeddedthe ‘CARE’ principles into the core values of our organisation.

  • Competent – We ensure proficiency and accuracy in providing top–notch‚ well–rounded and compassionate healthcare professionals to our clients.
  • Accessible – We guarantee that our clients will find the support they need in a heartbeat through easy transactional systems and round–the–clock services.
  • Reliable – We prioritise our client’s convenience through a fast‚ consistent and excellent–quality of service.
  • Efficient – We commit to experience–centric partnerships through convenient and intuitive end–to–end transactions.

We list thousands of opportunities a year and are eager to match the right candidates with roles that suit their experience. Healthcare never stops and so we operate an application process that remains open – 24/7. It takes less than 10 minutes for you to complete your application with SmartHeart Professionals and you could be deployed within hours of acceptance.

We work with professionals across multiple fields with unlimited flexibility so whether you are PSC‚ self–employed or freelancing‚ fill out the application form today and let one of our dedicated recruitment team guide you through the online application process.

Fast‚ simple‚ convenient and personalised. How any top–quality service should be.