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Why Home Care?

Home Care
Your Home Care and Your Choices is our Priority

At SmartHeartPro Home Care we understand the importance of your love one’s care and also know that choosing the right healthcare worker is paramount for you. Our assurance and commitment is to provide the very best quality of care to our service users.
Our Care, Compassion and Dedication is at the very heart of our company.

Personalised service tailored to Your needs:

Home care options are individually tailored to your care needs and environment. You will be able to build a better relationship with your dedicated care worker at your own pace and in your personal home environment.

You retain control of your daily routines:

Retaining your control and dignity enhances your independence with your daily routines, including when to eat and drink, what time to wake up, to be able to undertake your hobbies and socialise.

Enjoy the Comforts of your own Home:

The difference with home care is that you can continue to enjoy being in the comfort of your own home, with your own belongings.

Home Care
Your family and friends can visit anytime or any day you want it:

Having to stay at home with your own care worker means your friends and family can visit you as normal. By remaining in your own home, you negate the risk of being institutionalised at a residential care home.

Remain with your love’s ones and or your pets:

Remaining at home means you can be with your love ones and can stay with your pets.

Couples can stay together:

Home care for couples allows you to remain together and maintain a loving relationship, whilst reducing care concerns that ageing can often bring.

Maintain maximum Independence and improve Your Wellbeing:

Having a care worker at home not only lets you maintain your independence but also promotes your well being through one to one support with your chosen care worker.