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Care Technology


At SmartHeart Pro Home Care, our local management of care is personalised for each client and our care team are experienced to deal with any changes and challenges that our care workers  face during their visits.

Our current home care management is mostly paper based (this allows for rapid and open checking of our care services) and is entwined with our dedicated IT infrastructure which keeps us abreast with our daily workload, compliance checking, training records and other essential information. We are in the final stages of trialling care management system digital apps that will complement our existing systems and enhance our clients access and experience.

Every care worker we place in your home is monitored by a dedicated care manager and may be subject to an announced/unannounced visit (unless specifically requested not to by a client, for example where such a visit would be detrimental to the care of a client) and will be subject to a regular audit to improve the services provided. As well as our visits, you will have the chance to talk to us directly, should you have any concerns, feedback or reviews of our services. We welcome feedback to ensure that we deliver excellent standards of care, just as you would expect from us.

Our online care management system app will be fully tested and available soon.

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