We only work with the best healthcare professionals in the industry‚ so clients are guaranteed a top level of service no matter what their requirements or timeframes. We call on our own community of highly–experienced professionals and match them to our client’s individual needs‚ servicing a range of sectors and specialties that make us the most convenient solution for partners when it comes to filling their recruitment requirements.

Our quality of service is guaranteed through a strict screening process that we ask all healthcare candidates to undertake prior to working with us. This allows clients to move forward with confidence in the knowledge that they are only working with the best in the industry at an affordable rate; whether covering fixed–term‚ part–time or full–time staffing positions. All our healthcare professionals pass strict compliance procedures that adhere to NHS standards‚ so clients know what to expect from their staffing solution partner and can trust the healthcare professionals that we supply.

We offer more than just a staffing solution. We offer a service that is tailored to each individual client need‚ with dedicated professionals fulfilling a number of roles. We guarantee clients a service with unmatched value throughout the industry.

The tenets of our service

  • The most affordable rates available across the UK
  • Short turnaround times with high–quality healthcare professionals available in an instant
  • The best healthcare practitioners ensuring highly–experienced and fully–trained professionals that suit specific requirements
  • Top levels of service guaranteed through our intensive screening process‚ enabling enduring partnerships and relationships built on trust
  • A people–oriented service that focuses on more than just ‘care’ – for clients and candidates alike

We set out to provide the most consistent‚ trusted and flexible solution possible for all clients; made available at the most competitive rates. We deliver a best–in–class experience with the promise of staff who offer more than just ‘caring’ through four principles of CARE:

  • Competent – We ensure proficiency and accuracy in providing top–notch‚ well–rounded and compassionate healthcare professionals to our clients.
  • Accessible – We guarantee that our clients will find the support they need in a heartbeat through easy transactional systems and round–the–clock services.
  • Reliable – We prioritise our client’s convenience through a fast‚ consistent and excellent–quality of service.
  • Efficient – We commit to experience–centric partnerships through convenient and intuitive end–to–end transactions.

See our client testimonials to understand how we support a range of healthcare organisations in their recruitment needs and continue to outperform at every step.